My Heart

Blood Pressure application for Android devices

This application will improve significantly comfort of your life!

No more cumbersome saving blood pressure measurements in a notebook or spreadsheet editor.

Within this application you can record and describe your readings, view them on interactive graphs, study generated statistics and trends, or filter selected data, which you can send to the doctor!

My Heart key features:

- Outstanding and easy to use User Interface

- Data tracking:

o Innovative TAGS feature

o Date and Time

o Blood pressure: Systolic and Diastolic

o Pulse

o Comment / description

o Weight

- Support for many users

- Interactive graphs which shows you your blood pressure trend and your condition with a glance of an eye!

- Blood pressure statistics

- Send your data to your doctor of whoever you want in 5 seconds!

- Export data to:



- Reminders - you will never forget to take your measurement

- Filters - countless possibilities in your hand. You decide what data you show, analyze or send!

- Themes - choose look of your application

Just download for FREE and take control over your blood pressure!

Visit help webpage with more detailed instructions: