Data Import/Export


Whenever you want, you can export current user's measurements or import it. Like mentioned in Filters section, you can specify which data you wish to send or export.

Data import

When you select this feature you will be redirected to a window, which will show a content of your memory card.

To be more specific: /your_memory_card/MyHeart/

There you will see all folders and files that can be viewed by application.

Import file must match the application pattern.

If you encounter trouble importing file, please double check that it meets the exact format as the app recognizes. Take a closer look to the date and time, because those entries are always reformated if you open the file in any spreedsheet editor, so a normal text editor is recommended for file edit.

Following icon means that a record on a list is a folder:

When you click it, it will navigates you to that folder.

Following icon will navigate you to the previous folder:

Following icon means that a record on a list is a file with measurements:

When you click it it will ask you whether you want to replace your current user's measurements with that one from a selected file.

Simply choose a file that you have exported earlier or prepared yourself. Then an application will load data for you.

Data export

There are currently three file types that you can choose:

    • Report (PDF) - all your statistics, graphs and data gathered in one document. Your doctor will appreciate it a lot!
    • CSV - most commonly used filetype, which you can import to for example spreadsheet editor
    • XML - application specific format of xml file, mostly you won't need it, but it is better to export your data backup to xml file

Warning: In CSV file none tags or description can contain separator sign "," or ";", that is why during data export/send those characters are cut off.

In some countries like Poland, if you use Microsoft Excel for editing csv file, it is necessary to use ";" character as a separator. You can specify separator for CSV file format in Settings (refer to Settings section).

Data export to spreadsheet

Currently printing from within application is not supported, although you can print them with following workaround:

  1. In an application click the "menu" button then select "Send data"
  2. In a dialog select your email application like Gmail
  3. In email application type in email addres to send datas, when finished send it.
  4. Check email address, which you have typed in in step 3 and download attachement.
  5. Now you will need a spreedsheet editor like Ms Excel or free Open ofice (available here:
  6. Open your spreedsheet editor then import a "MyHeart.csv" file that you had in email attachement.

(In Excel go to Data tab, select importing from text file, select "MyHeart.csv" file, as a separator set "," or ";" depending on what suits your needs).

Data send

This feature works very similar to "Data export" feature, but it will specify file name to "MyHeart" and file type to CSV. When you click "Send data", a dialog will be show in which you should choose your email client, which will be opened as a next step. There you should specify receiver of your email (e.g. your doctor). Attachment will be added automatically for you.