History Tab


This is where all your readings are listed. You can choose between simple and advanced view by clicking on a settings button in actionbar on top.

Simple view

Beginning from the left you can see:

    • Blood pressure indicator - shows you classification of this particular reading in hypertension classification
    • Measured values: systolic, diastolic and pulse with corresponding colors
    • Tags indicator - if a reading include tags it is highlighted to green, otherwise it's gray
    • Description indicator - if a reading includes description, it is highlighted to green, otherwise it's gray
    • Date and time - time, when a reading has been taken

Advanced view

In this mode, you can see more information about your readings. Systolic, diastolic and pulse with corresponding color, date and time on the right, and below description first than tags separated with a comma.

Detailed information

To show this screen you simply need to click one of history items. In this screen you can see all the

information that you have previously recorded. You can delete this record or edit

it by clicking the appropriate button on the actionbar on top.

Edit a record

In this view you can edit previously recorded entries. If you wish to save your changes, simply click the apply button on the top right.