Data Tab


It is important very often to record your weight, as it may be valuable information for your doctor.

You can set your weight by clicking the weight button.

For the first time you will need to set a unit that you wish to use.

After you choose your unit, a dialog will prompt you to enter your weight. This weight will be automatically added to your next measurements, so you can set your weight only, when it is changed.


Simply click on a description field to enter your text. You can describe what e.g. caused you nervous or how you are feeling. Remember that the more accurate data, the more your doctor will know about your condition.


Simply click a "TAGS" button to enter new Tags. You can read more about tags in Introduction section and instructions describing tags adding/editing/removal can be found in Tags section.

Data and Time

Did you forget to add reading and you remember measurement values? No problem! By clicking Date and Time buttons you will be prompted to choose appropriate time.


Those "Number scrollers" represents values that you have measured. You pick a number simply by moving the scroller up and down.

Accept button

When you click this button, than all informations will be saved into a device and will be included into history, graphs and statistics.


This is simply a notification to let you know, to which hypertension category your measurements apply.