WARNING! Fake blood pressure apps threat for your health.

Data publikacji: 2014-10-27 13:53:04

Recently I've spotted increasing number of fake apps pretending to measure blood pressure!

You must know that this is not possible and will never be reliable without sophisitcated sensors which nowadays smartphones DOES NOT HAVE!

You can find two types of those fake blood pressure monitors:

  1. One which tells you to put your finger on the screen - this is totally fake. Some of those apps mention somewhere in the description that this app is a joke, but users barely find this information
  2. One which tells you to put your finger on your camera - that one only shows you your estimated pulse.

Both of those kinds of fake blood pressure monitor apps guesses systolic and diastolic values. You can equally throw dices and sum the result to get the result the same way.

I will not mention this apps by links to them in order to not promote them, however you can easily find them, by typing in "blood pressure" in the Google Play.

I've been reporting this case to google play, but with no success. So if you have any friend suffering for hypertension let him know!

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