How this application can help me?

Many of you asks me how this application can help or even some of you are saying that it's fake because it does not measure blood pressure. The fact is that there is no smartphone that can measure blood pressure. It is a lot more complicated process than eg. measuring your pulse.

So how can you benefit from it?

    • You will understand when and why your blood pressure goes high or low
    • You will have all your blood pressure measurements kept securely in the app
    • The app will tell you when medical treatment should be applied, so If you are not seeing doctor, then you know, when it's about time.
    • The app generates comprehensive reports, which you can send to your doctor. Thanks to them a proper medications will be adjusted to you.

How to start?

A good start point would be taking your first measurement and record it:

    1. Launch the application
    2. Measure your blood pressure with your monitor
    3. In the application you will see three rotating number dials which represent Systolic, Diastolic and Pulse measurements. Move each number up or down until the correct measurements are ready to be recorded.
    4. Now click "Add" button

I have my first record, what now?

Your recorded data is now stored in the application for you! The more measurements you record, the more accurate the statistics and analysis will be in the app. Read next Help topics and get familiar with basic features and the more advanced ones.

I really don't like these advertisements!

No problem at all! By clicking a menu button you can select "Turn off Advertisements".

This action will shows you a Google Play billing service in which you can perform the payment. Doing that you support my work, these long hours (since almost 2 years) that I spent after my regular work in order to bring you this free, top quality application with unique features :)

Don't worry about the payment, it is safe and I don't persist any data about your credit cards. Every information is handled by Google basing on your account data. Here you can read how to add credit card to your google account.