Automatic Data Backups

Native automatic data backup

Android system allows app to make native automatic backups of all of the data inside the app. Once you enter the data into the app, then the My Heart app kindly asks the system to backup it's data ino the Google cloud. It will not happen immediatelly, time of backup execution is determined by the system. Those kind of backup may be used by the system when you factory reset your phone or switch to another one and sign in into the same user.

Google Drive Backup

What is this?

Another possibility to maintain data backup is to set up the Google Drive data backup in the app. Once you set it app, then automatic backups will be executed with few days interval(this is configurable in the apps settings). Your data will be saved in the Google Drive, although they will not be accessible for you like other Google Drive files and folders.

All the App's files will be stored in the special private folder in Google Drive, which is accessible only for the app, which created it.

The purpose of those backups is not to let you see automatically backed up for example CSV file of your user's data, but to back up entire data in the app. You can use it if you lost your phone, switch to another one or make factory reset of your phone and Android native backup will not be triggered by the system.

Where can I see Google Drive apps data?

You always have possibility to at least clear the apps data. Here is where you can find it:

    • On the menu in left side choose "Managing Apps"
    • In the list find My Heart and select options
      • There is shown what you can do with the files which My Heart app has created.

How can I save a CSV or XML file in the Google drive?

For that you can simply use the existing feature in the data export to share the data. More details here